The BikeE AT.

Kathy and myself purchased this machine new from Bickels Bike Shop in West Burlington IA. We chose this one after riding and testing several other recumbents. What we liked about the BikeE was the user friendly design.

We both ride bikes year round and thought that it would be nice to be able to tuck in behind a fairing and both of us thought that we could dominate our riding buddies riding something lower. We both enjoy the traffic stopping appeal of the BikeE.

The BikeE handles very nice. It can cut a corner with ease. I believe that most anyone can sit on a BikeE and pedal away with very little instruction. It is easy to ride around in a low gear in a parking lot. The brakes are nice.

We had the bike delivered with clipless pedals. My gluteus muscles didn't like being compressed by the seat so a simple flat 11" wide 5mm thick plywood sheet was utilized forming a new seat, replacing the big butt seat. I added a layer of Astro-turf type of carpeting over a thin camping pad to somewhat pad the plywood. I believe this modification has improved the performance of the BikeE very effectively. It frees up my major muscle groups and provides a firm platform to pedal from. It also reduces the seat height by about 3 inches. That subsequently lowers the handlebars and the fairing by like amounts. The longest ride that I have undertaken has been 100 miles since taking the big butt seat off the bike. It is not too difficult to average 16 mph for a 30 mile ride.

The Mueller fairing is nice in the cold particularly if there is a straight on headwind. I believe that it adds to the performance and comfort. When in side winds I think it decreases the performance somewhat. Both the fairing and the rider are intercepting the vectoring wind separately.

Take Care, ride safe.


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